Deuces and Joker Video Poker

The Microgaming casino video poker game Deuces and Joker is played according to the same principles as standard Jacks or Better. However, there are some major differences that make the Deuces and Joker video poker game an entirely different and exciting game.

• The Deuces (cards with a value of 2) are wild. The wild card can be substituted for any other card in the deck. This is the same as in Deuces Wild video poker.

• A Joker has been added to the deck of cards so the deck consists of 53 cards instead of the standard 52. The Joker also acts as a wild card. This makes the game different from the standard Deuces Wild video poker.

With five wild cards in the deck, hands like a Full House or Four of a Kind are much easier to obtain although the payouts have been decreased to compensate for this. Jacks or Better and Two Pairs have been dropped from the payout schedule completely making for a tighter game with better payouts for a higher value hand. This is also compensated by a possible hands that aren’t even possible in standard Jacks or Better. As an example: Five of a Kind, a Wild Royal Flush and Four Deuces and a Joker, the highest hand possible.

Whenever you get one or more Deuces or Joker in your final hand, the computer will automatically assign a suit and value to it to give you the highest possible payout available, in light of the other cards that you are holding. This ensures that the best hand is always picked and makes life a lot easier for you to work out the best payout and highest possible hand.

Deuces & Joker is played with a 53-card deck and the pack is shuffled after each hand.

The minimum bet is only 50 cents and holds a potential Jackpot of $10,000, the casinos listed below provide the perfect settings for you to enjoy Deuces and Joker to the max!

Enjoy the excitement and thrill of Deuces and Joker Video Poker at one of the below casinos and receive a complementary bonus on your first purchase.

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