100 Hand Power Poker – Double Joker

True video poker game fans just aren’t content with the run of the mill single handed games any longer, for this reason the Power Poker video poker game was invented giving players the option of playing 100 hands at a time.

These games aren’t for the faint-hearted though and are best played if you hand a bankroll that’s of a sufficient size to enjoy the game. Remember with these power poker games, 100 hands are played at a time, which means 100 bets so although the rewards of a great hand can be huge, the losses are equally as big.

The Double Joker Power Poker game is the fifth in a series of six power poker games that can be played online and the Double Joker Power Poker is a popular choice.

In the Double Joker game, the extra cards are Jokers and are wild, meaning that if a Joker is shown in any of your 100 hands then it can substitute any other card to make a winning hand combination.

100 Hand Power Poker

For example, say you were dealt 2, 5, 4, a Joker and a 3 in a hand of varying suits. The Joker would then be substituted for a 6 giving you a straight and a decent return on your money for that hand.

It may also make up your flush, 4 of a kind, a pair, any winning hand combination can be assisted with the Joker card.

Every Power Poker hand is dealt from a separate deck of 52 cards plus the 2 jokers so the Jokers may appear numerous times throughout the 100 hands you’re playing.

There is a wide choice of wagers that can be placed as well so you can tailor the amount of total bet you put on and the game also features an auto-hold facility which hold the superior cards in your starting hand. The auto-hold selection can, of course, be changed if you so wish.

The 100 Hand Power Poker at Ladbrokes has been strengthened with the addition of this Double Joker game giving even more winning hand combinations and even more excitement and thrills.

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