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Texas Holdem Top Ten Poker Hands

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The list below contains the Texas Holdem Top Ten poker hands, pre-flop, poker hands that you can be dealt when playing Texas Hold Em Poker. There are 169 differing starting hands – your two hole (or hidden) cards. With the exception of when you post the blinds, these are the …

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WSOP Main Event Winners

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We thought it would be nice to take a look at the (World Series of Poker) WSOP Main Event Winners from the past, the year they won and the amount of prize money they collected from winning the WSOP Main Event. As you can see from the table below, in …

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+EV Expected Value

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Intermediate Poker Strategy – Benefit of Using Expected Value (+EV) Expected value (EV) is a mathematical concept that can be extremely beneficial when applied in poker. It helps players determine the long-term impact of a certain strategy or play during the game. In poker, you can calculate the EV for …

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End Game Strategy with Texas Holdem Poker

There comes a point in every Texas Holdem tournament when it comes time to change strategies. The early stages of the game are about building up your chip stack and learning your opponents’ idiosyncrasies.  Towards the end game strategy phases of the game role around, the goal changes. Now it’s …

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Betting Strategy in Texas Holdem

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In my opinion, poker is a game of skill.  Slot machines are gambling.  Roulette is gambling.  Faro is gambling.  Poker is an honest trade. The luck a player has and the cards he is dealt are valuable but not the primary factor in his win ration.  Texas Holdem is unique …

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Bad Beat Jackpots Explained

So you’ve maybe been playing poker for a while and have heard or possibly seen that the poker room in which you play offers a bad beat jackpot but you’re not quite sure exactly what a bad beat jackpot is or exactly how it works. This is a popular question …

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