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Going on Tilt – Avoid at All Costs


For the beginners reading this, going on tilt is not a good thing. We’ll have a look at what going on tilt is and more to the point, how to avoid it when playing poker. First off, for the uninitiated, going on tilt is, when a poker player, normally through …

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+EV Expected Value

plus +ev

Intermediate Poker Strategy – Benefit of Using Expected Value (+EV) Expected value (EV) is a mathematical concept that can be extremely beneficial when applied in poker. It helps players determine the long-term impact of a certain strategy or play during the game. In poker, you can calculate the EV for …

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Betting Strategy in Texas Holdem

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In my opinion, poker is a game of skill.  Slot machines are gambling.  Roulette is gambling.  Faro is gambling.  Poker is an honest trade. The luck a player has and the cards he is dealt are valuable but not the primary factor in his win ration.  Texas Holdem is unique …

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Bankroll Management Strategies – Budget Your Chips

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Bankroll Management Strategies The importance of bankroll management simply cannot be stressed enough. So many people get caught up in the excitement of gambling that they risk – and lose – their entire bankroll. But this ultimate consequence can easily be avoided by implementing some proven bankroll management strategies. The …

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