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The Best Omaha Hi-Lo Hands

Previously we discussed the best poker hands for Omaha. The general theme was that each 2 card pair should be useful, and there are 6 such pairings of 2 cards from our 4 total cards. Now with adding in the challenge of making a qualifying low hand, that does complicate …

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Ideal Omaha Poker Hands

Following on from our Omaha Poker Strategy guide to the best Omaha Poker hands, we’ll look at the ideal hands you can get pre-flop. Picking the best hand in Texas Holdem is easy. Since you are only dealt 2 cards, the best hand is clearly being dealt 2 aces before …

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Omaha Poker Hands

The possible hands in Omaha are very much similar to every variety of poker. The difference in Omaha is that these 5 card hands must be created using exactly 2 cards out of the 4 cards dealt to the player and exactly 3 cards of the 5 that are shared …

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