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What are Satellite Poker Tournaments?

When you look at the Tournament List in all of the popular poker rooms, you’ll see many different poker tournaments advertised including some which are termed “Satellite Poker Tournaments.” A brief explanation of these Satellite Poker Tournaments follows for those new to the online poker scene. The poker rooms want …

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Have you Got the Nuts?

You might think that you’ve got the Nuts for playing poker and you sure need to hold em tight but in case you’ve heard poker players referring to “The Nuts” and you aren’t quite sure if you’ve got them, then here is a quick explanation. Quite simply, The Nuts is …

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Texas Holdem Top Ten Poker Hands

strategy game tip

The list below contains the Texas Holdem Top Ten poker hands, pre-flop, poker hands that you can be dealt when playing Texas Hold Em Poker. There are 169 differing starting hands – your two hole (or hidden) cards. With the exception of when you post the blinds, these are the …

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WSOP Main Event Winners

Jackpot Winner

We thought it would be nice to take a look at the (World Series of Poker) WSOP Main Event Winners from the past, the year they won and the amount of prize money they collected from winning the WSOP Main Event. As you can see from the table below, in …

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