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Professional Poker Player

Poker is the game of the moment, and looks set to be for the next few years anyway. At Doolallys.com we can’t think of any other game that could surpass poker as the world’s most popular online gambling game. With so many people playing poker online, stories of people turning …

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How to Take Pot Size into Consideration

old playing cards

Beginner Poker Strategy – How to Take Pot Size into Consideration One of the key aspects to take into consideration when playing poker is the pot size. This will help you decide whether you should bet, raise, check or fold at any point in the game. Also, understanding pot size …

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Poker Fish and Poker Sharks

Poker Fish and Poker Sharks – An Explanation If you are referred to as a “FISH” or “POKER FISH”, then you aren’t being paid any compliment, on the contrary, a fish in poker is someone who plays badly and is inexperienced. The definition of poker fish comes from the other …

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Last is Sometimes Best Playing Poker

Last is Sometimes Best when playing Poker! When you’re playing a game of online poker, there is no doubt about it; being last is sometimes best. Take a look at any game outside of poker, particularly game shows that involve some level of skill. The contestant to perform the task …

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