Supe It Up Slot – Pimped to the Max

The Supe It Up slot is pimped to the max and has more bling than Puff Daddy.

This slot machine game, playable on the Microgaming range of online casinos offers 5 reels and 25 different pay lines to pimp your ride!

Even the workings of the Supe It Up slot machine has bling with its wild, scatter and free spins. In fact the free spins even offer the chance to win more free spins within the first lot. The machine offers a top free spin amount of 30 and winning more will boost this even higher. Each free spin has a 6 times multiplier that is going to rev up any winning amounts.

supe it up slot logo
This is a really unique slot game that starts you off in an old jalopy and if you hit the correct symbols, you’ll be trading it in for a slick hotrod that will change your ride from pathetic to fully pimped to the max.

The betting on each pay line ranges from as little as 1 cent up to a maximum bet of 62 dollars and 50 cents with full betting on all pay lines so whether you like a small punt or are a true high roller, the game will offer you what you want.

With a maximum jackpot win of 150,000 the jackpot will suit everyone’s pocket.

The sound effects are top notch and the graphics are suitably matched with some of the slickest bling we’ve seen online.  And if bling ain’t your thing then the game is still one of the best slots around anyway!

Catch the Master of Ceremonies within your spin and you’ll have a turbo boost that will Supe It Up even higher.

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