Street Fighter Slot – Coin Op in a Slot

Street Fighter is the first online slot machine game that was produced in conjunction with Capcom, the originators of the coin-op arcade game that’s been around for many years, after all, it was the 80’s ultimate arcade game, and since has had various re-releases keeping the popular game up to date.

The Street Fighter slot is a 25 pay line slot machine with 5 reels that has been developed and runs within online casinos using Cryptologic software. The most popular of these casinos is InterCasino worthy of a players attentions.

Street Fighter Slot – Get Ready to Battle

To start the game you have to choose which substitute character you wish to play.  Ken, Ryu, Segat, Chun Li or Guile are all available to choose from and are used as substitutes any symbol except for the scatter.  This will be the character that triggers the feature and also fights Bison.  In case you’re wondering, and aren’t a current fan of the Street Fighter games, Bison is a bad guy and your character is the good guy.

Bets on your chosen pay lines, from 1 to 25, can then be placed with amounts on each pay line varying from £/$0.01 up to £/$20.

Spin 5 Claw symbols and you will win the top prize of 5,000 times your line bet.

Street Fighter slot logo

Should your chosen character, either, Ken, Ryu, Sagat, Chun Li or Guile appear on the second reel and Bison appears reel 4 then the Street Fighter feature is triggered.  This is where you want to be.  The rest of the game, as with most casino slots is a decent game but as with the best slot games, the bonus games are the best and are where the highest wins are!

When the feature is triggered, reels 2 and 4 expand and your chosen character and Bison appear on them in full Street Fighter animation, ready for battle .

Press the spin button sets reels 1, 3 and 5 into action.  You’ll now see that reels 1 and 5 contain action icons on the reels. They contain the following actions:

  • Fists – character will punch;
  • Boots – character will kick;
  • Fists & Boots – character will punch and kick;
  • Star – character will perform his or her signature action;
  • No Icons – character will not perform any actions.

The action icons appearing on reel 1 are performed by your Street Fighter character and the actions on reel 5 are performed by Bison, your opponent.  Each action inflicts damage on the opponent, decreasing the life meter of the character.

Actions performed by the Street Fighter award credit prizes which appear on screen as bonus amounts and the prizes in the Street Fighter slot feature are multiplied by the total bet placed.

The re-spins continue until either Street Fighter or Bison is knocked out.

The Street Fighter slot is well worthy of its arcade machine credentials and has been incorporated into a casino slot game worthy of the original.  The inclusion of the reels still playing a part in the bonus game is a refreshing change and with the fantastic animations and special effects between the reels and blasting over the screen, makes the Street Fighter slot worthy of attention.

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