Munchkins Slot Machine – Laugh a Little

The Munchkins slot is available to play in some select casinos and adds a funny, comical slant to playing online slots.

Munchkins are little critters that live in everyone’s homes and it’s these pesky little critters that are responsible for your missing keys, socks and nearly everything else that either goes missing or turns up in a strange place. The Munchkins Slot is based around the theme of these harmless little critters that live in everyone’s home unseen.

Of course in real life you’ll never actually see them but when you play the Munchkins Slot, you’ll get the chance when a Wild symbol completes the winning pay line and opens up to reveal 3 Munchkins inside.

The Munchkins slot boasts a win-boosting Wild symbol and also a scatter symbol which holds up to 20 free spins and the chance to double your win with the gamble feature.

The slot machine is a 5 reel machine with 15 pay lines and those Munchkins can give you’re winnings a huge boost. The cookies scattered around can trigger the Free Spin Bonus Feature to award you the 20 Free Spins feature in which all wins are doubled up and of course during the free spins, you may well win another 20!

If you fancy a little more life about your slot gaming, then play the Munchkins Slot and laugh a little.

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