Lost Vegas Slot – Will You Be a Survivor or a Zombie?

Survivor or Zombie?  The choice is yours in the Lost Vegas slot available to play at leading casinos offering Microgaming games – like Roxy Palace, read the Roxy Palace Casino review or just jump in and play the game.

This blood curling slot game is brought to us by Microgaming and players can pick their side when playing this scary slot game.  Zombie or Survivor, the choice is yours and you can even switch sides during play if you want to try out the dark side or want to go back to being a fully fledged human.

Whichever side you choose to play on, immerse yourself in the City of Las Vegas when there’s a Zombie apocalypse going on!

The game boasts a thrill that’s lurking down every street in the Lost Vegas slot game with its 2 bonuses which can appear at any time during normal play.   There’s a cash award Blackout Bonus and a Zombie Fist of Cash bonus that also dished out a cash prize.  Keep an eyeball out for them, they can appear any time.

In this 243 ways-to-win slot, the streets of Vegas are more or less deserted but the infected zombies lurk in the shadows.  Choosing who to play, a hardened human Survivor or one of the flesh eating Zombie horde, gives you a choice of game screens.  As as example, the following two screens are from the same spin – a winning one too!  The first is the view when you’re playing a Survivor and the other when you’re playing as a Zombie – a frightening difference!

lost vegas survivors
Lost Vegas Slot – Survivor Screen
lost vegas survivors
Lost Vegas Slot – Zombie Screen

The game is full of infectious features, including the Zombie Fist of Cash punching out onto the screen as well as a blackout bonus which scans the reels for Zombies or Survivors. Both award cash prizes and are triggered randomly in the base game.

Get three or more of the scatter symbols on the screen and the free spins feature is triggered.  If the player joins the resourceful Survivors you’ll be working alongside a fiery looking bartender a mobster and the strange baseball carrying club girl.  The free spins comprise an innovative Stash feature as an added attraction to a feature packed slot game. Every low symbol that appears on the pay lines is quickly snatched off the reels to reveal juicy cash prizes to add to your account.  Each one that’s removed increases the Survivor’s win potential; free spins continue until all low symbols have been stashed.

In Zombie mode, together with the strangely realistic undead Elvis impersonator and a couple of other fresh new dead people, free spins are awarded with a new infection feature.  A full Zombie symbol stack landing on the reel leads to the worst infection you’ve ever had and the stacked symbol remains until all five reels are infected.  In total the free spins feature can give you up to 50 free slot spins.

Lost Vegas is a really nice slot game.  It plays well and with the option of switching between the zombies and survivor screens that also changes some of the game features, it’s going to be a popular game in the casinos where it’s available to play.  As we said when we begun, you can play at Roxy Palace and read the Roxy Palace Casino review or just jump in and play the game.  Those who play a lot of slots are likely to enjoy some quality slot playing time with this one.

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