Elektra Slot – Marvel Slots Series

The review below was published prior to it’s removal and the completion of the Marvel slots license for online casinos.

Elektra is another in the Marvel slots series and is based around the amazing Elektra character and an oriental theme runs throughout this 5 reel slot machine game with a total of 25 pay lines that can be played. Like all of the other Marvel slots games, there is a bonus game included which boasts some great arcade type action with loads of cash to be won.

The Elektra character featured in the DareDevil movie and was introduced as a lover for the infamous Dare Devil himself. She is a highly trained Ninja who’s weapon of choice is a two bladed sword which she is deadly with. Her arch enemy, Bullseye, pops up in the game on one of the symbols as well as other oriental themed reel symbols.

Elektra Slot

The sound effects in the game are of the utmost quality for a slots game and add to the atmosphere within the game. The effects are in keeping with the other slots in the series and the Elektra slot is no different with a range of gripping sounds to match the animations. Elektra wielding her sword is probably the most elaborate of these and sees her sword swish through the game screen.

The Elektra symbol acts at a substitute for any other symbol with the exception of the scatter. The scatter is the games logo and getting two of these anywhere on the game screen is a winning combination.

Get 3 Elektra slot symbols anywhere over any of the reels and the bonus game will start where you can get your hands, or perhaps in this case, your mouse, on some bonus cash. The bonus game sees you situated in a dark alleyway where Ninjas run from one side to the other waving their swords about with the intention of making you come to grief. You must use your Ninja skills to throw your ninja stars at them. You have 9 stars at your disposal and the game allows you to throw them to grab bonus cash until you have either used them up.

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