Durian Dynamite from Quickspin – Smelly Fruit Festival?

When I first heard that Quickspin were in the process of finalising a game based on the rather strange and often smelly Durian fruit, I must admit to not being over enthusiastic! Durian Dynamite looks to provide a real fruit festival though with a nicely produced slot game that ticks most of the boxes.

For those not as adapt at spotting a fruit, or perhaps smelling it, the Durian was described by Richard Sterling as, “its odour is best described as…turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock. It can be smelled from yards away.” Not the most attractive or tantalising ways of describing this edible delight! Get past the smell though and the Durian will give you sweet, savoury and creamy all at once – an acquired taste.

Durian Dynamite Logo

Anyway, onto the game. Durian Dynamite is a fast paced, explosive game offering some fast spins, exploding wilds and extra features to further enhance the game. An interactive shooting wilds feature, bonus chooser and really nice 3D graphics make for a tasty looking game. A nice player too.

Catching Dynamite Wild symbols on the reels and you trigger the Dynamite Wild feature. Your goal here is to launch other Dynamite Wilds from your supply onto the reels, to create as many Wilds as possible.

Durian Dynamite Bonus
Durian Dynamite Bonus

If one Dynamite Wild hits another then an explosion occurs, splitting the wilds in two and landing all the split parts on other areas of play, creating more winning opportunities. The chain reactions continue until there are no more explosions left on the reels and your Dynamite Wild supply is empty.

Overall in this slot game there are 20 pay-lines spread over 5 reels and the game is marked up as having High Volatility which generally gives the potential for more risk but also more rewards.

Getting 3 Bonus Scatter symbols enters you into the free spins game with an initial 6 free spins that can be upgraded to more using the Bonus Picker. Free spins are also more likely to trigger Dynamite Wilds and extra Dynamite reels too!

When the Bonus Picker is open for play, pick the jar to collect upgrades that you can use in the Free Spins Bonus. The number of upgrades is a random quantity between 3 and 6 and give the following Durian Dynamite upgrades:

Wild Symbols in the Durian Dynamite Slot
Wild Symbols in the Durian Dynamite Slot

Free Spins – You can upgrade the number of free spins to a maximum of 30.
Durian Ammo – Win up to 2 extra Durian Fruit to be used in the Dynamite Wild feature.
Dynamite Reels – Upgrade the number of Dynamite reels that are active during the Free Spins Bonus game.

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