Dino Might Slot – Jurassic Slot Game Action

For some Jurassic action, Dino Might may just be the slot machine your looking for. Its a 5 reel slot machine with 25 pay lines. The more pay lines you play then the greater your chances of winning!

The Dino Might Slot features scatter, multiplier and wild symbols and to further enhance the playability of the game there are both reel and match bonus games available if you hit the right combinations on the spin.

dino might slot

The Dino Might symbol itself triggers a wild, multiplier symbol which can be used as a substitute to complete winning pay lines. However, the Dyno Might symbol doesn’t work with either the Triggersaurus or the Amber Fossil symbols. Of course as an added bonus when you hit a winning combination using the Dino Might Slot symbol, your payout will be double.

The scatter is the Amber Fossil symbol and to win and this means that it wins even when it lands on a non-enabled pay line. It can be found scattered anywhere over the 5 reels provided at least two of them appear.

With the Dyno Might slot machine the bonus games trigger when 3 or more of the Triggersaurus symbols appear on an enabled pay line.

Find at least three of the Amber Fossil symbols anywhere over the 5 reels and the match bonus game will be activated.

A great playing game,with plenty of per-historic action to keep you enjoying the Dino Might Slot for an age.

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