Twitch Implements a Streaming Ban on Gambling

Twitch the Amazon owned live video streaming service has recently implemented a ban on gambling, removing a huge range of gambling related content.

In the past few years, there had been an explosion of slots gamers streaming over the service leading to complaints from content creators and users. The promotion of gambling games on a site that’s used by people of all ages, including the very young was becoming a problem.

Slots streaming on Twitch actually became one of the platform’s more dominant gaming categories. Problem gambling concerns were never far away with many seeing it as creating a potential problem.

The problem was further excacerbated with one prominant streamer pushing viewers to send him money to feed his gambling addiction. It’s believed that viewers contributed over $250,000 to fuel the gamers addiction.

Twitch Logo
Twitch Bans Gambling Live Streaming

Some restrictions on affiliate links and direct linking in the slots streamers feeds were implemented. Eventually in October 2022, Twitch cut down completely and banned the practice on it’s sites. Although many streamers have gone, there are still plenty of active gamers that perhaps haven’t been found out yet.

DLive, another streaming service, however, has picked up many of the streamers. Viewers of the most prominent streamers making the move to the different platform. DLive has increasingly been promoting gambling streamers. It’s currently on the DLive front page as well on their social media channels.

DLive has been clear with their #YourStreamYourRules tagline in the face of increasing regulation on not just Twitch, but YouTube and Facebook as well.

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