Slot Advisor – Eulogy to Tony Frank

Slot Advisor – Eulogy to Tony Frank.  You get people who pass us by and then you get people who, although they pass, leave us with a memory of who they were.

This is a story about a man who loved to gamble. He thought the slots and the video poker games were fun and totally enjoyed his time at the casino.

He never lost his shirt, went hungry, ran out of fuel, or couldn’t pay rent. He never promised riches and wealth neither. He did however hurt when he saw the situation some gamblers found themselves in when the excitement of the chase caught them up.

One minute they were Kings and the next, they were paupers.

So this man wrote an e-book about Winning at Slots. He went on to convert the e-book into a website and that grew for a number of years into a well known and respected slot advisory.

That man was Tony Frank. With his passing we stop for a moment to remember him and the ways he found to explain plans, controls, systems, and so forth. We stop to remember his desire to stop seeing gamblers in tears. He knew he could not stop them all but, even if only a few stopped to listen, then he definitely made a difference.

Visit Slot Advisor and read the eulogy to Tony, written by his wife of 35 years. Better yet, read some of Tony’s articles. There is humor, some pain, and a whole load of advice to prospective players.

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