World Series of Poker – A Very Brief History Overview

Anyone who is interested in poker has at least heard of the World Series of Poker, if not seen it on their TV or Youtube.  This poker tournament is one of the most popular and well known poker tournaments out there.  It has become known as the big daddy of them all.

When it comes to the history of the WSOP it goes back to the 1970’s.

Back in this time the World Series of Poker consisted of only a few of the very best poker players which meant the playing fields were extremely small. The players who participate in the WSOP back then were well known poker players, such as Puggy Pearson, Amarillo Slim, and Johnny Moss.

One person who had a big hand in helping the development of poker was a man names Benny Binion; a casino operator of Horseshoe Casino. While Binion was planning the World Series of Poker he knew it was something which could lead to poker becoming extremely popular and a well known game. He put a lot into the planning of the WSOP and helped it to gain recognition which led to more people becoming interested in the game as a whole.

However, the game really saw a growth in the year 1980 and this was due in part to one poker player. Until this point the poker players had all pretty much been your stereo typical poker players who were from wither Vegas or Texas.

In 1980 a very young poker player climbed his way up the poker ladder and began capturing the attention of many. This young players name was Stu Ungar, he became known by many as “The Kid”; he resided all the way in New York. After this, many young unknown players began joining in on the action of the WSOP and making instant names for themselves in the poker world.

Another player helped to further the popularity of the WSOP and his name was Chris Moneymaker, he was a bookkeeper who was not considered to be a professional poker player.

One of the things which stood out about Moneymakers appearance in the WSOP was the fact he won entry through an online satellite poker tournament which has a buy-in of $40.

Not only did Moneymaker play in the World Series of Poker, he won! This led to many new poker players taking the game more serious and others deciding to learn how to play. Now, the WSOP sees thousands of players who go to Las Vegas trying to become the next big poker player.

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