Twister Poker – 3 Player Fast Action Sit n Go Games

Today we’re going to take a look at Twister Poker.

Twister Poker has become one of the more popular poker game genres available.  It’s fast playing and games generally don’t last too long – ideal to play when you’re sort of time but still need that poker fix.

Twister PokerTwister is played with 3 players in the Sit ‘n Go format (SNG) which for those unfamiliar with the multitude of poker terms you find being branded about basically means that as soon as the players are seated, the game begins.

The majority of games, when playing for cold hard cash, are of 1, 2 or 5 Euros per game.  Generally this results I the winner getting 2, 4 or 10 Euros in payback.  That’s not a great deal I hear to say although you still get the chance to double up your money!  You’d, of course, be right.  However, to add to the general excitement of the game, once the players are seated a rotating barrel chooses the winning prize.  In the main this is as above but occasionally the prize is much more – up to 1000 times more!

Recently the sites running Twister Poker have added 10, 20 and 50 Euro games to the list for those of you looking to up the ante and play for larger stakes.

Once in the game itself, it’s pretty much a straightforward game of Texas Holdem played 3 handed.  Some of the players play pretty loose so if you play tight and few hands for the first while, you’re likely to find yourself heads-up quite quickly.  Personally I like heads-up play and I tend to play a better game whilst heads-up so Twister Poker suits me down to the ground.

If you haven’t tried Twister Poker yet, give it a go.  It makes for a quick poker game and there’s a range of stakes to suit everyone although, unless you hit it lucky with the prize fund, the pay-back isn’t the best ever.  You really need to be winning half the games you play or you’ll see your money start to dwindle.  It’s exciting though and probably our favourite of all the quick poker games out there.

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