Texas Holdem Top Ten Poker Hands

The list below contains the Texas Holdem Top Ten poker hands, pre-flop, poker hands that you can be dealt when playing Texas Hold Em Poker.

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There are 169 differing starting hands – your two hole (or hidden) cards. With the exception of when you post the blinds, these are the hands you should always play and you should be looking at these hands as being enough to increase the betting with. I try to raise the pot with these hands pre-flop and in the long term, this should pay off for you.

As a general rule, always raise with these top ten hands pre-flop and try to cash in on them as much as possible. Of course you will find instances after the flop you realise that these top ten hands are of little value, then you must change your strategy if you decide to continue to play but as a general rule, these can always be played with some degree of assurance.

As your experience of Texas Hold Em Poker expands, you will know instinctively when to vary your play and make changes to the hands you play. However, as a guide, you will win more hands than you loose if you stick to playing these poker hands.

Texas Hold Em Top Ten Poker Hands

A – A   (Pair of Aces)
K – K   (Pair of Kings)
Q – Q   (Pair of Queens)
A – K   (Ace – King)
J – J   (Pair of Jacks)
10 – 10   (Pair of Tens)
9 – 9   (Pair of Nines)
8 – 8   (Pair of Eights)
A – Q   (Ace – Queen)
7 – 7   (Pair of Sevens)

Different people recommend different Top Ten poker hands combinations, but over time, these have always proved to perform better and should be used for a long term strategy.

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