Bluffing at Texas Holdem

Bluffing at Poker is commonly misconceived as a great tactic to win loads of money. If you are under this impression then think again, life isn’t that easy and good poker is often harder.

How, When and Why – Bluffing at Texas Holdem

However, when used correctly, a poker player can use bluffing to their advantage and rake in some nice pots at the same time. It’s really all about control, timing and keeping a level head. Assessing whether or not it is the right time and correct hand to play is really down to judgement, but isn’t that what poker’s all about?

Having an awful poker hand and walking away with a decent pot is about as sweet as it gets and you’ll be in seventh heaven on the buzz. Read on to find out the secrets to successful poker bluffing.

First of all the secret to successful poker bluffing is don’t do it often. Play a tight game in the style of a Rock (see our Poker Dictionary if you are unsure of this term.) This will give the other poker players the impression that you only play on a good hand. Let the flop be dealt and the bidding to take place, don’t up the ante at this stage, you don’t want to scare off the rest of the players too early. Keep you bets low at this stage and if possible, only match the bets that the other poker players have placed.

When the turn is dealt raise the stakes, remember you have to start scaring the others off at this stage so bet strongly and confidently. Your hand won’t win this game unless you get the other players to fold. Your betting at this stage should scare off the awful hands and put doubt into the minds of the players with a secent hand.

When the turn has been dealt, everyone has the full range of cards with which to make their poker hand. If at this stage you can’t see that another player has an unbeatable hand, in which case you should fold, go for it and bluff to your hearts content.

In this round of betting your aim is to get everyone to fold as soon as possible and leave you with the pot, which should by this stage be a decent size. If you are to continue with your poker bluffing, bet as though there is no tomorrow and raise at every opportunity.

This should, in theory, make your poker opponents fold their hand and let you win. This will only work if you have been playing very tight, now they will be thinking that your hand is unbeatable and that you are making the most of it. This is the key to successful poker bluffing.

If at any stage in the round of poker, you see a player that has a strong hand and is going to continue betting until the hand is finished, then fold. There is no point giving away your money.

A final tip, is also to watch out for other players that are bluffing at poker, there are always one or two and most of them are fairly easy to spot. Use this to your advantage when you have a good hand and try to avoid them when your having a go bluffing with your own hand.

Bluffing at Texas Holdem Poker – Only bluff at poker when you are confident enough that you are going to win the pot and even then only do it once every 20 or 30 hands. Any more and you will stick out like a sore thumb and that will lose the advantage and your poker chips.

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