Playing the Fifth Street in Seven Card Stud

With all Seven Card Stud Poker games, to enhance your chances of winning the game, apply strategies and tips. One such pertains to knowing how to play your hands when you reach the fifth street.  As this is one of the final streets in Seven Card Stud poker, the amount of money you stand to lose or win here can be large.  Here are a few strategies that you can use based on playing the fifth street correctly.

Playing a dominant hand

The dominant hand possibilities on the fifth street are many and these are best for slow playing. You may have a four of a kind, straight, flush, royal flush or a full house here. Your key objective at the fifth street is to make many play into the pot, as you hold the winning hand. An exception to this is when a player draws out; this can beat your hand. When you have a three of a kind, you can opt to bet – especially when the majority of the players appear to be limping to make a straight or flush draw. If the cards on the board indicate that the probability of them making the draw is small, then you can slow play the three of a kind. If not, raise and force the players to opt out.

Playing a two pair

When you have a two pair, it is best to bet and follow it with a raise. In such a situation, play such that you win the pot at the fifth street without letting the game proceed to the next. This is because, by the sixth street, opponents can draw hands that have the potential to beat your two pair. This can happen especially if the players are allowed to draw out at your cost.

Playing a draw hand

If, by the fifth street you have a four to a straight (open-ended) or a flush, the likelihood that you are on the river is average. Here, it is best to call, instead of raising or betting. With this, there are two chances for you to complete your hand. Contrarily, if you have less that four to a straight draw or flush, you should fold. There are a few exceptions in which you should stay on. One such is when you have a high value hand – one with high kickers and a small pair. You can stay with this, as the outs accompanying it are many.

Playing a high pair and low pair

If you have placed a bet at the fourth street and other players have not raised it, you can jam the pot. You main objective here should be to force as many players out of the game as possible. If, with a high pair, you know that another has a better hand, you should fold. When you have a low pair, avoid betting, as it does not have the potential to win. If you want to see the next card, the best option is to check.

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