Playing Hands in 6th Street – Beginner Poker Strategy

Seven Card Stud Poker proceeds through seven streets and allows players as many chances to make their hand. Just as the first five streets require players to carefully assess their hand strength as well as that of their opponents, the same is required at the 6th too. The hand value is of immense importance at these streets, as large amounts of money can be won or lost if you play the wrong hands. Here we look at playing hands in 6th street and how to play them in Seven Card Stud Poker.

Playing with dominant hand

The dominant hands that can be played on the 6th street comprise of 4 of a kind, flush, straight flush, royal flush, full house and straight. Your key objective here should be to jam the pot. For this, you will have to bet, raise and follow this with a re-raise. The only times when you should not opt for this is when you hold a flush or straight that can be topped by a higher flush or straight. By the 6th street, you would have almost won the pot, and the only strategy to apply in this case is to bet hard.

Playing with a three of a kind

With a hand that has a three of a kind, you can bet consistently. If it appears that you have been raised by a potential made flush or even a straight, you should call. By the 6th street, the hand value is not as high as it was at the 5th street or before.

Playing with a high pair

When you jam the pot with a high pair and other players are not raising you, continue jamming it. This might help force players out. However, the probability that the players who have reached the 6th street will pay the price to get to the 7th street is high. If you have been raised after making a bet, it is best to fold your hand. This is because the player who raised you could have made his hand at the street. But if it appears that the player is bluffing to get you to leave the game, you can opt to stay.

Playing with a draw hand

If you hold a draw hand at the 6th street, you should either call or check. Your objective here should be to see the river card without paying a high price. Use this strategy only if you have a four to a flush or straight. If you have a three to a flush or straight, you should ideally fold, as the probability of making the hand is zero.

Playing with a low pair

At the 6th street, if you hold a low pair, check. If a player bets into you, opt to fold. This is the best strategy to apply especially if the player has only called your bluffs and jams till the 5th street. If the player has now bet, it is possible that he has made his hand at the 6th.

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