Online or Live Poker? Some Pros and Cons for Both

Online or Live Poker (differences and pros and cons of both.)

Poker players like to play in an environment they can count on to offer them a great setting, good competition, and an all around exciting experience packed full of chances to win impressive pots.

Many players have found they prefer to play poker in a brick and mortar poker room.  However, there are many others that have decided the online poker rooms provide them with what they want.  Also, there are a lot of poker players that choose to enjoy the benefits both have to offer. Here are the pros and cons of both online poker and live poker:

Online Poker

One of the things some players don’t like about playing at an online poker site is they don’t give players that person to person contact.  This means players won’t be able to read their opponents in a manner they are used to. Instead, they will need to learn different ways to read them.

Players that like to play on the online poker sites find they offer them exciting and generous bonuses and promotions, which they appreciate.  They also like the convenience of being able to play whenever they want.

Online poker players can also look around for the perfect poker room for them and enjoy a wide variety of games and tournaments without leaving their seat.

Live Poker

Live poker players tend to not want to learn about online poker, they enjoy the live poker games enough and want to continue playing the way they are used to.  Also, they are a type of person that likes to be around others, they want to be able to talk face to face with their opponents.

Some live poker players just don’t like to spend time on computers, social interaction is more their thing and they like to try to spot the various signals or poker tell that other players give away.

No matter what a poker player is looking for, there is something for everyone on the online poker rooms and in live poker rooms.

However, the online poker rooms have gathered a lot of attention from players located in many different regions due to the fact they have so many special features and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.

So, online or live poker?  Players should at least give the online poker rooms a try, they just may find they enjoy the experience and decide to become regulars.  Many players make a pretty good living by just playing poker online but that’s the exception, not the rule.

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