Professional Poker Player

Poker is the game of the moment, and looks set to be for the next few years anyway. At we can’t think of any other game that could surpass poker as the world’s most popular online gambling game.

With so many people playing poker online, stories of people turning into Professional Poker players abound. We ask, is it possible for a normal average player to turn professional and what’s the best way of going about getting started.

First off on your trip to being a professional poker player and the most important rule to remember – don’t give up your day job just yet. It takes time and effort to become a pro. You need to play poker a lot and study the game to become anywhere near good enough to turn into a professional poker player.

So we’ll take it that you’ve had some success at the poker table and now feel that your ready to move on to more serious play. You’ll need a decent bankroll and some savings to live on. If you’re going to have to scrimp to pay the bills then you’re probably not quite ready for the big time.

How much you’ll need is debatable. Ranges vary depending on who your speaking to but you will need a sizable amount. Certainly you need to have enough in the bank to cover the bills for a few months and in order to take the lows as well as the highs, you’ll need a bankroll of a few thousand dollars, pounds or whatever currency you use to give yourself enough of a chance of making it. Remember that even the best players loose sometimes. We’re not going to specify an amount you’ll need because the best judge of that is you.

So, where are you going to play. Well, we recommend a poker room that has a lot of fresh players and fish. A poker fish is someone that generally plays beyond their poker skills making it easy for you to clean them out. Again, we don’t generally recommend a site to play at, look at the poker rooms that are making the headlines or that have a lot of promotional advertising going on. The chances are that the newer players will be heading there.

When playing the smaller tables can be more productive than the higher tables although, of course, you have to work a little harder for your money but certainly don’t discount them.

Study everything you can about the game of poker. Read magazines, books, online guides, anything that will improve your game. Tailor what you read to your playing style and with practice, you should progressively get better.

There are many people that make an online living as a professional poker player but for every one there are a thousand trying. Take your time and learn as much as possible and perhaps you could become the next Greg Raymer or Chris Moneymaker who both won the World Series of Poker Main Events after playing online.

Whether you make it as a professional poker player or not, remember to keep enjoying the game and don’t loose more than you can afford when trying. Good luck

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