Poker Chat Abbreviations – Meanings of Poker Text Speak

You often notice when playing poker that in the chat window, players often ‘speak’ in abbreviations.  The actual meanings of these are quickly understood but we’ve produced a quick guide below for anyone new to playing online and who is unfamiliar with these poker chat abbreviations.

emoji poker chat

  • BRB : abbreviation for Be Right Back.
  • GG : abbreviation for Good Going or Good Game.
  • GL : Good Luck.
  • LMAO : Ok so maybe it wasn’t that funny for you but, Laughing My Ass Off.  You often see an “F” before the “O”.  We’ll leave you to figure that one out yourself.
  • LOL : an online abbreviation meaning Laughing Out Loud.
  • NH: online abbreviation meaning Nice Hand. This is frequently used sarcastically or facetiously.
  • OMG : Oh My Gosh.
  • TY : Thank You.
  • VNH : meaning Very Nice Hand. Often used as a genuine compliment, unlike NH.
  • WD : Well Done.
  • WP : an online abbreviation meaning Well Played. It’s nice to receive compliments.
  • WTF : What The ‘F’ (The F Word) often used with the same meaning as OMG.
  • VN : Very Nice. Normally a compliment for a good poker hand or a well played hand.
  • VNH : Very Nice Hand.

There are many more and new poker chat abbreviations seem to appear quite regularly, mainly coming over from online chat rooms.  However, you’ll easily get by in chat if you know the meanings of the ones above.

If you would like to see more specific terminology spoken about in chat, on sites or in poker magazines, then we’ve compiled a few useful guides to get you started.

First off, check out our poker terms dictionary, it has most of the common poker terms and more are regularly added.  Seven Card Stud players may like to check out the Seven Card Stud Poker Terms page that we’ve made all for this game due to it’s different poker meanings.

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