Why Play Omaha Poker?

There are lots of good reasons to play Omaha but why play Omaha rather than the other games?  The rules are more interesting and Omaha poker strategy requires a different mind-set that will raise your interest level and thought processes. Omaha players come from a variety of poker backgrounds and experiences. Let’s take a look at some of the typical players you’ll come across in an Omaha game.

The Bored Texas Hold Em Player

Texas Hold Em is by far the most popular version of poker at this time. Although Omaha is growing in popularity, it is by no means close to catching up to Texas Hold Em. That being said, often dedicated Texas Hold Em players grow bored or tired of the same old thing and will wander over to an Omaha table to spice things up a little.

A player who is used to playing Texas Hold Em is often a good player to target in an Omaha game. The reason for this is that they are used to viewing the cards through Texas Hold Em shaded glasses and this can often make them make bad Omaha strategy decisions, as the Omaha rules are different and the thinking altered.

The Crappy Texas Hold Em player

Again, I don’t think that you are going to find anyone playing Omaha poker who hasn’t at least tried Texas Hold Em. That being said, if a certain player finds themself losing money over and over again in Texas Hold Em, they will often venture over to Omaha poker in hopes of changing their luck.

Plus, if you’re playing poker, you’re playing it because you enjoy it. But losing money over and over again calls for you to switch up your style. These players are also often a good target in Omaha poker games.

Usually bad players have nothing to blame on the particular games rules. More so, their blame should be placed on themselves. Whether it be because of poor strategy, inability to read bluffs, or bad ability to predict outcomes of games, these players are probably destined to lose wherever they go.

The Mediocre Texas Hold Em Player

This is the person you should be most afraid of at the Omaha table. It has often been said that a mediocre poker player will do better at an Omaha game than at a Texas Hold Em game.

The reason for this is that a lot more luck goes into Omaha. With so many possibilities in the cards, there is almost always a chance that your seemingly “sure thing” will fail along the way. The same can’t be said for Texas Hold Em. For many dealt hands, you are dead in the water before you start. In Omaha, even the best hands aren’t that much better than the worst hands before the flop hits the board.

The Non-Conformist Poker Player

Believe it or not, many people play Omaha poker simply because they do not want to conform to the popular trends of Texas Hold Em. The love for poker and a good card game is there, but they don’t want to be just like everyone else. Watch out for these guys, they have the highest potential of all the Omaha players.

Why play Omaha poker?  Because it’s fun!

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