Omaha Poker – Starting Hand Selection

Beginner Omaha Poker Strategy – Starting Hand Selection

Omaha poker has become extremely popular among poker enthusiasts, as the game offers a great chance for bringing in winnings. However, for this, you should ideally be familiar with a few strategies. One such pertains to the starting hands that are viable in the game. When you are aware of the potential that each type of hand has in terms of allowing you to win, you will be able to apply that when you play Omaha poker. The starting hand strategy for this game is useful at both online and land-based casinos. Here are some of the hand selections in Omaha poker and how they can be played strategically:

Hand with a pair of aces

A hand with a pair of aces is one of the best that you can start with. The strength of each combination with this pair can vary, based on the other cards that accompany it. A hand with a pair of aces and kings that are suited is the best. If you catch a set at the flop, it will be the set with the highest value in the game. So, if you land a full house with this hand, it will be the best possible. Also, the pairs may permit you to make the nut flush (suited) and they may also make the highest straight.

Another probability is when you have a pair of aces along with cards that are not of the same suit. As this hand is better than a hand that does not have a pair of aces, you can play this carefully. Raise with this hand such that you are able to force a few players out of the game. It can flop a set, however, the hand does not have the potential to catch a flush or straight.

Other hands that have a pair of aces and are suitable for playing are AATT, AAQQ, AA99 and AAJJ. Similarly, a pair of aces accompanied by any other pair is good. The potential of the hand improves when the at least an ace from the pair is suited with another of the paired cards in your hand. As starting hands, those with aces and two unpaired cards like KJ, can be played.

Hand with a pair of kings or queens

A staring hand that has a pair of either kings or queens is suitable for playing. The value of hands that have a pair of kings or queens is similar to that containing a pair of aces. The best such hand is one that is accompanied by another big pair, such that the pairs are suited. This is because, these cards have the potential to make sets and full houses that are big when compared to those that are not double suited. Hands with a single suit, containing a pair of kings or queens and a big pair is next best in Omaha poker. Following this is a pair of kings or queens accompanied by straight cards.

Hand with a wrap

When three or four cards in a hand make an open ended straight draw with two from the board, it is called a wrap. These hands can be quite strong and the one with most value is a double suited JT98. In this type of hand too, those with double suits are generally better than that with a single suit. Also, the latter is better than unsuited hands.

Hopefully this article on starting hand selection in Omaha has helped.

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