Have you Got the Nuts?

You might think that you’ve got the Nuts for playing poker and you sure need to hold em tight but in case you’ve heard poker players referring to “The Nuts” and you aren’t quite sure if you’ve got them, then here is a quick explanation.

Quite simply, The Nuts is the best possible hand available with the cards that are currently on the poker table. If you’ve been dealt The Nuts then you can’t be beaten in the hand, no matter what the other players have or can get with the remaining cards to be dealt.

As an example, if the cards on the table show Jack of Hearts, King of Spades, 4 of Hearts and a Two of Hearts and you’re holding the A of Hearts and any other Heart, then you have the Nuts. This is often referred to as a “Nut Flush.”

In the example above, it is obvious that a flush will win the pot, due to the fact you have two making a flush the highest possible hand available. Another player may also have a flush but you are unbeatable as you have the highest possible hand – you have the Ace making you unbeatable and giving you the nuts or the nut flush.

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