Move Tables, Win More, Play Smart

I am by no means a mean poker player.  Playing with friends, I’ll win a few, loose a few although I can generally leave at the end of the night a few poker chips to the good.  Whether that’s because I play well or they play poorly is debatable.  We have a laugh, don’t take things too seriously and enjoy the nights entertainment.

Playing at online tables is different.

As I said, I’ll never be the world’s best poker player, but I don’t want to be a loser. I try to play smart. I understand my limits, most of the time, and although I may be desperate to win I never chase my lost money. Losers become bigger losers when they chase the money they’ve lost.

There is however a system that I use to consistently win at poker online and it’s easy to follow and use. Sometimes you will loose – this happens to even the most hardened of poker players, but over time, using this strategy, you can consistently win online poker even when you aren’t a fantastic poker player.

Win bigger pots, more often – Move Tables, Win More, Play Smart

Watch the table before playing – get a feel for how the other players are playing. Is the table loose? Are some players playing every hand? Are some taking most of the money? Loose players can build a quick pot on a small hand. Players that win most of the money are probably fairly adept at playing poker.

Don’t stay too long at a table. Don’t give the other players the chance to size you up. There are plenty of other poker tables to play on. Move around a bit, as soon as you win a pot or two, move tables and start again. This gives you an advantage over the other poker players as you can size up the new players again and no one else can do the same with you.

If you win a hand or two, take your money and run. Unless the table is full of beginners and playing very loose, change tables. Winning streaks don’t really happen, it’s just you playing well – you can play the same at another table.

Don’t play many hands, take your time and play tight. Don’t go into the betting unless you have a good hand. As a minimum, two high cards over 10. Play only the good hands and this will cut any loses.

If you post the small blind you may as well bet the full blind to see the flop, unless the pot has been raised and your cards aren’t winners.

Treat each hand separately and whether you’re winning or losing. Over the course of the session I try to play each hand as if it’s the first. Remember each hand has the same chance of winning before the cards are dealt as the last one.

Another valid point to remember is that even if you are playing smart some players seem destined to win. If you’re not making any headway in a game, leave and try again later. Some poker players know the ins and outs of every situation, if your not one of them, try another table with a few more amateur players.

Your in it to win money so cut your loses if need be, play smart and eventually you’ll come up trumps.

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