Losing Out with Poker Tournament Chips? Don’t Give Up

Many people playing a poker tournament get to a point in the game where they find themselves low on poker tournament chips and essentially give up and go on tilt until their chips are spent and they are kicked unceremoniously from the tournament due to not having two chips to click together.

Let’s have a brief look at what the players position really is, what the remaining poker tournament chips are really worth and what the best course of action is to take.

Ok, so we’re going to assume we are playing in a poker tournament where you’ve payed the fee or even entered a freeroll and have been given 1000 chips to play with.

After a good while you find yourself still on 1000 chips while some of the leaders and way, way out in front and the future of the tournament looks bleak. So should you go all-in with a hand that doesn’t quite match your bet in order to get it over and done with. Not at all!

First of, don’t loose heart, most players I know of think you have to accumulate chips all through the tournament to be in with a chance. However, think about the following rational points.

If more than half or three quarters of the players have left the game then the same amount of chips are out there to be won as there was in the beginning, just fewer players holding them.

gambling chips
If you still have the same amount of chips as you had in the beginning, in this case 1000, then you are a lot closer to the prize money that you were initially due to less players. Ok, you may not be heading for first place but the money spread in some tournament can be large and a placing anywhere generally returns your fee and some.

With fewer players playing for the prize money then mathematically, you chances of getting in the prize money are larger. Remember, some of the players above you and holding more chips may go on tilt and if you play sensibly, many will be eliminated. This pushes you closer still to the tournament prize money and maybe you’ll catch some of the on tilt chips, the others are giving away!

In summary, play it cool and bide your time. It’ll come and even if it doesn’t, with every player that goes out, your a step closer to the cash! It’s not over ’til the fat lady sings!

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