Poker Fish and Poker Sharks

Poker Fish and Poker Sharks – An Explanation

If you are referred to as a “FISH” or “POKER FISH”, then you aren’t being paid any compliment, on the contrary, a fish in poker is someone who plays badly and is inexperienced.

The definition of poker fish comes from the other side of the coin, a “SHARK” or “POKER SHARK.” This is a player who is highly skilled and has had lots of experience of playing poker.

If you’re a fish you certainly don’t want to be playing with the sharks as these guys eat fish for breakfast, dinner and supper.

A typical poker fish will have their bankroll eaten readily by a keen shark and it can be a hard lesson to learn.  No matter what your level of poker play, providing you aren’t a complete beginner, occasionally you will become the fish and occasionally, the shark.

If you can’t spot who the fish at the table is and your bankroll is dwindling then it may be you. Best to change tables and find a better position.

On the other hand, if your play is far superior to the other players then you’re in commanding position to eat some fish but don’t let it be too obvious or the fish may well all swim away!

Don’t worry too much through about being the fish, it takes practice and with a bit of discipline, you too can be enjoying the shark infested waters some day!

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