Seven Card Stud Rules

Seven Card Stud poker strategySeven Card Stud Poker Rules – A very popular game with poker players and one, which you will find being played in all of the poker rooms, is Seven Card Stud Poker. It is slightly more difficult for the beginner to be successful until they can read a hand of cards fairly quickly and can work out what the other players may be holding. It is very important to constantly monitor the other players hands to ensure that your losses are kept to a minimum and your winnings are as high as possible. Our hand Values page, can help you do this.

With the basic Seven Card Stud Poker rules, the object of the game is to make the best 5-card hand using the players own three personal cards (hole cards) and the four cards dealt to each player face up.

Initially, the seven card stud rules state, all of the players must place an ante, the level is set by the card room, into the pot.

The dealer then deals each player three cards, two hidden and one which all of the other players can see. Following this there will be a round of betting.

During each betting round, the players will each have to Bet, Check, Fold or Raise. See our Dictionary page for definitions of these.

The dealer will then deal each player remaining in the game another card face up for everyone to see. Another round of betting follows this.

This continues until there are four cards dealt face up for everyone to see, whereby, after another round of betting the dealer deals each player with their last card. This card is dealt face down and hidden from the other players.

At this point all players have seven cards, 3 hidden and 4 in view of the other players. The last round of betting then takes place.

After the betting has completed, the players have the Showdown, where it is determined who has the best hand. For the ranking and values of hands, see our Hand Values page.

During the Showdown, the players can use any of their seven cards to make up the best hand of five cards available to them.

The player with the best hand then takes the value of the pot. If two players have the same value of hand then the pot is equally split.

These Seven Card Stud rules are intended as a guide only and slight differences may be apparent in some poker rooms. If, when your playing, you need to clarify the seven card stud rules check back to this page and you’ll soon be up and running again.

Once you mastered the Seven Card Stud rules, try them out with our Seven Card Stud strategy guides and see how you fare.

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