Omaha Poker Rules – How to Play Omaha Holdem

Omaha poker strategyOmaha Poker Rules – Omaha Hold Em is very similar to Texas Hold Em, the dealer deals a 3-card Flop, then a forth and then a fifth community card. The betting is the same but the cards dealt and then which the player uses to make their hand during the showdown differs.

During the initial deal, the player will be dealt four personal (hole) cards. The object of the game is to make the best 5-card hand available using exactly two cards from the initial deal of four and three from the board, (community cards.)

Omaha Hold Em uses a small disk, called the button, to show who is the notional dealer in the round. This goes clockwise round the table prior to each new hand. The dealer is the last to receive their cards on the initial deal and has the right to the last action during the round of betting.

To start the game, the player to the left of the dealer should put up a small blind and the player to the left of him a large blind. For example in a game of $1/$2, then the player to the left of the dealer would place $0.50 on the table and the player next to him places, $1.

The dealer will then deal the four hole cards to each player, following which there will be a round of betting.

During each betting round, the players will each have to Bet, Check, Fold or Raise. See our Poker Dictionary page for definitions of these.

The dealer will then place three community cards, face up, onto the table, called the Flop. Another round of betting will take place.

The dealer then places another community card onto the table, called the Turn or Forth Street. Another round of betting takes place.

Finally the dealer will place the last community card onto the table, called the River or Fifth Street. The players then have a last round of betting.

When the last round of betting has taken place, the players have the Showdown, where it is determined who has the best hand. For the ranking and values of hands, see our Hand Values page.

During the Showdown, the players will have to use two hole cards and three community cards out of the nine cards in view to make up their hand.

The player with the best hand then takes the value of the pot. If two players have the same value of hand then the pot is equally split.

We hope our Omaha poker rules guide has helped.  If you want to continue to play Omaha or Omaha Hi-Lo then our Omaha Poker Strategy guides will help you play better!

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