Beginners Poker – Learning Poker Online

poker braceletFor beginners, learning Poker, can be a little daunting, however, learning poker playing in an online environment can be the most rewarding. For a start, nobody can see you or knows who your are, so if you mess up a hand you won’t feel embarrassed or a little daft. As someone learning poker, it is surprising how much this helps!

The beginner, learning poker, can experience what millions of poker players enjoy the world over, without even leaving their own home. It is the easiest way to practise and learn the game without having to part with any money. Making mistakes won’t make you feel uneasy. Most of the online Poker tables allow you to Play for Free, this is highly recommended until you feel you know the rules and are ready to play for real money.

The General Betting Guide, below, are by no means a definitive guide to how to play Online Poker, they should be used only as a guide to learning poker and getting started to make the experience enjoyable.

Each different game, for example Texas Hold ‘Em, Seven Card Stud, etc, have their own set of rules which you should try to learn the basics of prior to beginning to play for money. However, this guide will give you enough knowledge to have a go in the Play for Fun games, where you can start to learn poker and the ins and outs of the different games.

This should be read in conjunction with our Poker Hands page so that you know the value of the cards being dealt. It may even be worthwhile printing off the Poker Hands page to use as a reference when playing until you know them off by heart.

Learning Poker – the terms

The object of Poker is to accumulate money, to do this you must place bets on the cards you are dealt and hope that your hand is stronger than the opponents. When it’s your turn to play there are four options for you to take. These are as follows :

If it’s your turn to start then you will have to place the initial bet. In most online games, this amount will be limited.

This is when the player has the option to bet but does not want to. This only applies until one of the other players has bet, after they have you will have to either Call, Raise of Fold.

A call is when you bet enough to match what your opponents have bet since the last time it was your turn.

When raising, your are placing enough money on the table to cover the ‘call’ and also a bit more, which the other players will have to match. Generally this would be done when you are confident you have a good hand, which is a possible winner.

If you decide to Fold, you are pulling out of the current round of cards and forfeiting your hand. You do not have to add any more money to the pot but you are no longer participating in the game and any money you have put on the table is up for grabs by the winning player of the hand.

Beginners Poker Tips

The most important tip is to for a beginner to remember is Fold as quickly as possible if you have a poor hand. This will limit your losses and enable you to continue playing your good hands for as long as possible.

Start small. Until you have mastered the game, you don’t want to play for huge amounts.

Watch what the other players are doing and try to spot the stronger players as well as the weaker ones. Try to work out when the players are bluffing (betting on a poor hand) and when they are not.

If you have a strong hand that you believe could collect the pot, raise the hand as much as possible and make the other players pay dearly for the privilege of staying in the game.

Don’t play with more than you can afford, the bills still have to be paid!!

Don’t let the speed of the other players affect your judgement, if you need a few more second to check out your hand, take your time and use them.

When learning poker, always remember that the object is to beat the other hands so don’t get carried away with the betting. The next hand won’t be long in coming and if your cards aren’t worth betting on your money will leak away.

Above all, ride with the highs and lose as little as possible.  Poker is a thrilling and exciting game to play so enjoy it and I’ll see you at the tables learning poker online.

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