Badugi Poker Rules

Badugi is an exciting and new poker game that’s catching on in a big way online although featured at few sites presently.

Badugi poker rules are easy to learn and it’s an action packed game which draws on the exciting elements of poker and combines them with a different psychology that traditional poker games.

Basically Badugi is a triple draw game with 4 cards. The winner is the best low hand comprised from 4 cards. In other words, low card values, of differing rank, and different suits is the best possible winning hand!

Confused? Don’t be, Badgui poker rules are straightforward, read on…

Each Badugi player is dealt 4 cards. The cards are dealt one card at a time to each player, the game starts at the left of the player who posted the big blind and goes clockwise.

Initially there is a round of betting. The betting limits are generally limit, ie. fixed amounts, no-limit or pot limit depending on which game you choose to play. These limits work exactly the same as every other poker game.

In the betting rounds, as with other poker games, the players may call, raise of fold and once everyone has played the first round then the first draw round takes place.

Players are given the choice of drawing either no fresh cards up to four selecting which cards they wish to keep and which they wish to switch for new ones.

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The second round of betting then takes place in the same fashion as the first with players calling raising or folding if they feel their hand isn’t a winner. The betting amounts in this round are of the low value. For example in a $1/$2 game, the stakes would be $1 in this round.

The third Badugi round then takes place, exactly the same as the second apart from that the stakes are now of the higher value. ie. In our example, the stakes would be $2.

The final Badugi round then takes place following the same rules and if there is more than one player left this is followed by the Bagugi Poker Showdown.

In the showdown, each player left has to see who has the lowest hand. Remember, the lowest hand is ideally 4 cards of the lowest value with out any matching suits or card values! This is called a Badugi.

In Badugi poker rules, the lowest hand in the showdown wins the pot!

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