Angeli e Demoni

World Match Launches Angeli e Demoni HD Online

World Match is pleased to announce that it has launched a new slot game in the Italian market that is an online version of Angeli e Demoni25 HD.

Angeli e Demoni25 HD was designed by Baldzzi Styl Art and is currently an tremendously popular AWP game at land casinos.

The new release follows Night of Vampire HD and is part of a collaborative agreement signed by World Match with Baldazzi Style Art which will see the exclusive distribution of four of its innovative games in the Italian online market.

II Pllaio and Golden Game are the next two titles to be released and offered to the Italian operators in the near future.

Andrea Boratto, the Executive Director at World Match revealed that they strongly believe in the effectiveness of porting the most famous AWP’s to the online environment as it offers players a chance to play their preferred slots at home.