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Slots for Idiots

Online Slots are designed similarly to the classic slots you’d find at Brick and Mortar casinos, and make up about 70% of the casino games found virtually.

The variety of slots available online are classic style 3-reel and 5-reel slot machines, which means that players must lineup 3 or 5 symbols in order to win the jackpot. Video Slots are also available, modeled after the popular casino games, which have a more modern look and feel than the reel variety.

Online Slots come in a variety of fun themes, which the symbols are based on, but with most basic Slots, regardless of the theme, the playing concept is the same – you pay the predetermined amount for each spin you make, for a chance at winning by lining up a specified set of symbols. While some do claim that there is some strategy involved in playing Slots, in truth, it’s a game based strictly on chance which is great for new casino goers who are looking for some fun entertainment online.

Look at our slots reviews for the types of games on offer. Here you’ll find the most popular and interesting slot games available online.
How to Play Online Slots

With online Slots, players don’t need to make a specific wager, since prices are set per spin. Slots online may cost anywhere from 1c to multiple dollars per spin, which is automatically deducted from the player’s total each time they press the button that makes the Slot spin and generate a random combination of symbols/pictures which could result in winning a jackpot!
Slot Symbols and Free Spins

Jackpot Symbols – the biggest payout at online slots takes place when a player lines up the same symbol all in a row – particularly if it’s the jackpot symbol listed. For example, an online slot’s big payout symbol may be a dollar sign, so to receive the maximum payout for the machine, players need to get their Slots to display only the $$$.

Scatter Symbols – proving that it’s still possible to win at slots, without receiving the big jackpot are Scatter Symbols. An online Slot game will list the symbols that if lined up together, will also result in winnings. Most often, Slots have about 2 Scatter Symbols which can result in payouts. In order to win with Scatter Symbols, players must line up the right combination. For example, if a Slots’ Scatter Symbols are cherries and cowboy hats, the Slot player must land on 2 cherries and 1 cowboy hat for a win at a 3-reel slot; or 3 cherries and 3 cowboy hats for a win at a 5-reel slot.

Wild Symbols – in order to increase Slot player’s chances of winnings, some online Slots have a Wild Symbol; meaning that it can be a substitute for anything to allow players to win a payout. For example, if winnings require that players land on 2 cherries and a cowboy hat, and the Wild Symbol is a diamond – players will still win if they land on 2 cherries and 1 diamond.

Free Spin – some online Slots offer players a free spin if they receive a certain combination of symbols to increase their chances of winning.
Some of the best slots games around to get you started!

• Marvel Slots – Themed games around the Marvel Comics heroes. Fast, interactive games with triple progressive jackpots.
• Street Fighter Slot – Street Fighter, the arcade hit of the 80’s is back and is punching and kicking through this great slot machine.
• Millionaires Club – Hit the jackpot on this progressive game and you too could join the Millionaires Club like lots of players before you in this huge slot game, one of the most popular classic type video slot online.

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