Online Scratchcards – The Idiots Guide

Scratchcards for Idiots

Scratchcards were popularised as a fun, new instant-win lottery game, available from lottery stands around the world.

Players were initially attracted to Scratchcards because of their instant gratification (players know whether they’ve won or lost immediately, and don’t have to wait for the draw of weekly lottery numbers), their fun themes, and the element of player interaction that they offer.

Since online Scratchcards have appeared, their popularity has grown even further, because no longer do players need to venture out to their local lottery stand to purchase Scratchcards; a wide selection of fun games are always available at their fingertips!

There are even dedicated sites selling online scratchcards these days, Scratch2Cash being the most well known and popular!

How to Play Online Scratchcards

Online Scratchcards require very little skill in order to play, and the results are pre-determined, so wins and jackpots are left entirely up to chance. Most Scratchcards follow a very similar format – requiring that players first “scratch” to reveal their set of numbers of symbols, and then determining if they have a match that could result in a jackpot win on the main game portion of the card.

To start playing online Scratchcards, players must register with a virtual casino or website that specializes specifically in Scratchcards, and create a real money account if they are choosing to place real wagers instead of just playing for fun. Once the online casino accounts have been created, players can go to the game lobby and select the Scratchcard or alternative game section to view the selection of Scratchcards available.

Before starting any Scratchcard game, players will have to select how much they would like to wager using arrows to scroll up and down in the field to make their bet. Typically, the minimum bet amount is listed in the wagering field, but with so much flexibility, this is a great way for players with any budget to try their hand at gambling! Naturally, the amount bet determines the maximum jackpot available for the card.

Once the Scratchcard bet has been placed, players need to click on the sections of the Scratchcard to reveal the hidden numbers or symbols as instructed by the game to see if they had a winning Scratchcard. Scratchcard games typically only take a few seconds to play, but players are welcome to play subsequent bets to keep on trying their luck!
How to Win at Scratchcards

While there are no die hard strategies to help casino players win at Scratchcards, because they are games based almost entirely on luck, there are a few strategies to help players maximize their game play time and increase their potential winnings.

It’s important for players to understand that the maximum jackpot and subsequent payouts they can win from a Scratchcard are based entirely on betting amount, as well as card value. So if a casino advertises a $10,000 jackpot for a specific Scratchcard, players should make sure they understand the minimum bet they need to make in order to be eligible for that prize amount.

To maximise game play, players should also set a weekly budget to determine how much they can spend playing scratch cards; choose a card value that they will wager for each game played at the beginning of the month, and never wager more following a losing card; decide on a pre-set number of scratch cards per session; and keep sessions fun and short regardless of wins and losses!

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