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Online Poker Rooms

If Poker is your game of choice, then you might want to check out some of the vast number of Poker rooms available online. If you’ve played Poker at a brick and mortar Poker room, then you probably already know what to expect from an online Poker room, because the only real difference is that the Poker gaming environment is virtual, but all the same rules apply!

If you’re completely new to Poker and ready to get started online, then not to worry, because by the time you’re finished reading, you will understand exactly what Poker rooms online are all about.

How Online Poker Rooms Work

Online Poker rooms, like virtual casinos must be licensed to the country where they reside and as gambling websites, must follow a strict set of rules and regulations in terms of protecting their players. Many undergo independent audits, using companies like Price Waterhouse Coopers to ensure that their operations are legitimate and fair. At most online poker rooms, it’s possible to play for fun or for money, and while the overall look and feel of various Poker rooms can vary; most use the same set of Poker rules and have a similar format for gameplay.

Generally when you enter an online Poker room, you have the option to choose from a variety of Poker tables, which list the buy-in amount (how much you must wager on each hand) and usually, the number of players currently playing at the Poker table. Once you enter the Poker room, you will typically view graphics of a table, with chairs, and players sitting around it. With the graphics of the players, you will generally see their User IDs and the amount of money they have listed. If there is a free chair, then you’re free to join the game and pay the buy-in amount. Hands are dealt automatically, and players use the displayed buttons to control their actions, with the winning hand announced at the end of each hand.

In online Poker rooms, there is no obligation to keep playing any longer than you want to – you can leave the table anytime you choose- but there is always the option to make additional buy-ins to keep on playing if you’re on a lucky streak or really enjoying the entertainment you’re getting from the card game.

Signing Up With a Poker Room

To sign up, new players must have a valid email address, and provide their complete and accurate contact information, as well as their legal name and birth date. Sometimes, when registering, proof of identification may be requested, which is an additional safety measure online Poker rooms use to protect their players.

Online Poker Room Bonuses

Virtual Poker rooms, like online casinos, also offer bonus incentives to get new players to join. They may promise to match your first deposit amount, but the process of earning your bonus is a little bit different than with a casino. The bonus money will be held in a special bonus account, and as new players get started placing wagers on the site, they earn points that demonstrate how actively they’ve been playing. As they reach certain point levels, small increments of the bonus will be released as play chips, often in $10 increments.
Choosing an Online Poker Room

Before joining any online Poker room, prospective players should ask themselves the following questions:

Is the online Poker room secure? Do independent review sites, like, list it as a reputable place to play Poker?
Do I agree with the Terms & Conditions outlined by the Poker room?
Am I comfortable with the format of the Poker software?
Are there tournaments and Poker tables suited to my gambling budget?

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