The Idiots Guide to Online Casino Games

Online Casino Games

Thinking of visiting your first online casino, but feel like the information on the page is written in another language? To help you understand the common types of online casino games found at most casinos, read on to get an overview of what’s involved with each online casino game and learn which games might be right for you to play based on skill, strategy and experience required.
Popular Types of Online Casino Games

Online casinos tend to offer a wide variety of games, although some may specialize in a specific category, which typically includes the following.

Casino Games of Chance

Slots Games – just like you’ll find at a brick and mortar casino, online casinos have a wide variety of Slot machine style games. Slots are games that require no skill, and winnings are based strictly on chance.

Slots games at online casinos are designed after classic 3-reel and 5-reel machines found in traditional casinos, which is the type people most often associate with the term slot machines since it requires players to pull a level. 3-reel Slots mean that only 3 characters and symbols need to line up together in order to win, and 5-reel Slots require 5 characters to line up to win a jackpot. Video Slots are similar in concept, except that they simulate the Slot experience on a digital screen. Slots are a great way for any new casino player to introduce themselves to the world of online gambling.

Online Scratchcards – Scratchcards were once all the hype at lottery stands, and are now a big hit at online casinos. At online casinos they come with a variety of themes; but the general concept is the same – place a wager, and scratch the play space on the card to see if you have the winning number, pattern, or word combination.

Online Keno – Keno is a game of chance that requires players to place wagers using a ticket on the numbers that they believe will be drawn. Numbers are randomly selected and called, similarly to Bingo, and players win various amounts when the numbers they picked are called. While there is more player interaction with online Keno than with Slots, it’s a game that requires no specific skill or strategy to play, though some will certainly tell you otherwise!
Casino Strategy Games

Table Games – casino Table Games are often confused with card games, but that’s just not what they’re called at most online casinos! Some of the most popular casino Table Games available at online casinos includes Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Casino War and Craps. While some of these games require a minor element of skill, understanding the Table Game strategies will only influence your chances of winning so much.

Video Poker – Video Poker is more often than not the only variety of Poker available at online casinos; although some do offer a couple of Table Game versions to their players. Video Poker, in a way, is similar to Video Slots, although more player skill is required to win.

With Video Poker, rules of traditional Poker games apply, but there is no direct interaction with a dealer, and it’s a head-to-head game against the dealer, with no other players. The most popular Video Poker games that can be found at most online casinos are Jacks or Better, and Deuces Wild. Video Poker is better suited to the casino gamer looking to use some strategy to influence their chances of winning.

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