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Online Bingo Idiots

Bingo is a fun and entertaining way to gamble offline and is becoming hugely popular as an online gambling game too. With thousands of online bingo sites on offer virtually, it’s a game that’s reaching more and more people and growing in popularity very quickly.

You might have tried Bingo at a local community center in your neighborhood, or even a registered Bingo hall, and if so, you’re already well on your way to becoming an online Bingo expert because the same general rules of the game apply both at brick and mortar bingo halls and online. Here’s what you can expect when playing at online Bingo site.
How to Play Online Bingo

While Bingo is often looked at as a wholesome game that is portrayed in the media as appealing to the older demographic, playing Bingo for money is still gambling and as a result online Bingo halls must be licensed in the country that they operate from. Good virtual Bingo halls are subject to independent audits, and use safe and secure software to ensure that they are providing a safe gambling environment that follows principles of fair play.

Some online Bingo halls require that players download software in order to gain access to their Bingo rooms; however, a large number of them are flash based, which means they can be played directly from your computer’s web browser as long as you have an internet connection.

To start playing at an online bingo site, prospective players must first register an account, and then select the Bingo room they’d like to play at based on the available options on the website. Most Bingo sites have games that are in session 24/7, with new games beginning as often as every few minutes.

The best way for players to choose the right Online Bingo room for them to play at, is to look at the prices of the Bingo cards. Set prices ranging from 5 penny to £1 or more are placed upon each card, which is how players keep track of their winning numbers anytime they’re called.

Players at some Bingo sites can have up to a maximum of 24 Bingo cards per game, and need to mark the numbers off on their cards in order to make a winning pattern, like a straight or diagonal line. Often, Bingo sites allow users to play their Bingo games automatically, so they don’t even have to dab their called numbers since the software does it for them.

With any Bingo gaming software, there are a few features that almost always appear – a list of the people playing (based on User ID), a list of the numbers that were previously called during the game, the faces of the player’s cards, and a fun and lively chat room interface.

Many people enjoy online Bingo because it is so interactive, chat games controlled by chat moderators, allow Bingo players to win additional prizes by answering trivia questions and interact with the other players. As long as player’s have a decent internet connection they can participate in both the bingo games and the chat room activity.

Signing Up With a Bingo Site

Getting started with any bingo site is pretty quick and easy. Simply choose to register an account (or even play as a guest if applicable if you don’t want to play for money) by creating a UserID, password and entering your contact information and birth date. To play at any online Bingo hall, players must be the legal gambling age in the region the site is licensed in. To play for money, register with an alternative payment method like Neteller and use a credit card to fund your account and start buying some Bingo cards!
Bingo Bonuses

Most online Bingo sites do offer some sort of incentive to get new players to sign up. With online Bingo, often wagering requirements are more reasonable than at online casinos or Poker rooms, and some Bingo halls give out “free” money with no strings attached to get new players started
Choosing an Online Bingo Site

When choosing an online bingo site, here are a few questions that prospective players should ask themselves before registering:

  • Is the software compatible with my computer? You should be ok here, most have something for all types of machine, but check you’re downloading the correct one.
  • Does the Bingo site have the features I’m looking for – like additional casino-style side games, a community forum, or Bingo strategies?
  • Does the Bingo hall have a good reputation, and use independent auditors to monitor fair gameplay?

To help choose where to play, we’ve bingo reviews that only focus on quality bingo sites worth looking at.

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