Video Poker Rules

Video Poker is a form of poker played in an electronic format, similar to a slot machine. The object of Video Poker is to make the best poker hand possible with the five cards which make up the hand. Video Poker is of course played on a screen rather than a table. Video Poker Rules are very easy to learn so you can play quickly.

There are many different forms of Video Poker available. It really is a matter of choice which video poker machine to play but these video poker rules are an excellent starting point.

The Video Poker Rules (General)

The player is dealt 5 cards and chooses whether or not they would like to keep any to make up the final hand by clicking on the ‘hold’ button under the cards to be kept, and then, when finished the player clicks Draw. This takes away any video poker cards not required and fresh cards are dealt to replace them.

This, 5 card hand, is now the players final video poker hand.

There are an amazing range of video poker machines to play online, any of the casinos featured here offer video poker machines for you to practice your video poker rules out on before playing.

Video Poker winnings are paid on the following hands, some machines will even offer Five of a Kind and some may require 10’s or Jacks as the lowest winning pair. :

250-1 Royal Flush
50-1 Straight Flush
25-1 Four of a Kind
8-1 Full House
5-1 Flush
4-1 Straight
3-1 Three of a Kind
2-1 Two Pair
1-1 A Pair

* Please remember that the video poker rules and odds printed above are only a guideline and will differ from one machine or casino to another. It is worth checking a few casinos to see which offer the best video poker odds.

More Playing Video Poker

Whether you chose to play Video Poker online, or try it out in a land-based casino, the concept is the same as is the process of gameplay; so once you’ve tried one, you can do it all!

There are Video Poker machines based on all of the popular casino poker games, like Texas Hold ‘Em, 5-Card draw, Pai Gow Poker and more. Each of these games do have slightly different rules, so you will need to learn each game individually.

If you’ve played the table version of any of these games, you will have no problem with Video Poker!

We find the video poker games at Roxy to be a great starting point for new and seasoned players.

How to Play Basic Video Poker

Despite the fact that there are different types of Video Poker, the most common are based on draw poker. Here are the basic rules and steps you will need to follow in order to get through a game from start to finish.

Once your casino account has been funded, you need to decide how much you will bet before your first hand. The minimum and maximum will be listed on the screen, and you can adjust your bet using the arrows in the betting area if playing online.

As soon as you’ve placed your bet, 5 cards will be dealt. In this version of Video Poker you can choose to discard up to 5 cards in order to receive 5 new ones.

To select cards you want to keep, you press the “Hold” button that corresponds with each card
Once you’ve selected all the cards to keep, press the “Deal” button. Any cards which did not have the “Hold” button selected will be discarded and replaced by new cards.

In video poker, you are paid based on how strong your hand is and play against no one but yourself.  The payout is based on the ranking of poker hands which you should familiarize yourself with.

Video Poker Strategy

Video Poker, like poker of any type, does require some strategy to gain as much advantage as possible over the house edge.

As you become more familiar with the game, you will have an easier time recognizing the strength of the cards in your hand and determining which cards to keep and which cards to discard.  Draw Video Poker is a great game to start with, since there is only one betting round involved, and one chance to change your cards.  Once you become more familiar with hand rankings and recognizing the strength of your hand, you can move onto other types of Video Poker available.

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