Video Poker Introduction – Starting to Play

Video poker is often classed as the thinking slots player’s game, although we don’t want to take anything away from slots players playing normal games. Video Poker is one of the most popular games in online casino gaming. It has great appeal to a range of players from beginners starting gambling to expert players wanting to play for big money.

Practically everyone knows how to play, even if they don’t think so.  Most people know how to value a poker hand, more or less.  Even if players don’t, the game will guide them and while they’re getting the hang of how to play video poker they can still win.  Starting video poker is easy and it’s fun to play too!

Slots and poker are about the most popular casino games. Starting to play video poker goes the extra step by combining both poker and slots elements which gives slot players the opportunity to use their skill and exercise choice in their play.  It introduces another level of play as opposed to pushing a button and depending on, more or less, luck.

Video poker follows the same basic rules of playing a poker hand.  Five cards are dealt and most games win with a pair of Jacks or Better.  After the initial deal, you will get the chance to change whatever cards you wish, these are then swapped for other random cards and this is your final hand.

Other games like Multi-Hand Joker Poker or Multi-Hand Double Poker have different payouts.  More than one hand at a time is played, but as an introduction to video poker, it’s probably best to stick with single hand games.

Once you know how to read the cards and understand the rules (it won’t take long, when starting video poker, a few hands will do,) you can go on to play for astronomical odds and the lucky players who get a high valued hand can expect handsome returns.

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