Red Dog Rules

How to Play – Red Dog Rules

Red Dog is a card game where all the cards are ranked as in poker and the ace is high, it is easy to learn and can be picked up in a few minutes. Like all poker games though, you never stop learning.

Red Dog rules start by the player placing a bet. The dealer will then deal two cards face up, if the cards are consecutive then the hand is a tied hand and the players bet is returned. If the cards are a pair then a third card is drawn and if this card makes three of a kind the player is paid at 11-1. When neither of the above happens the dealer will announce the spread, this is the number of cards between the first two dealt i.e. if the first two cards were a 4 and a 8, the spread would be 3.

Players may now stand or raise the bet (if he decides to raise he must place a second bet the same value as the first bet.) The dealer will then deal a third card, if this card is between the first two dealt then the player wins on both bets, if the third card falls outside the spread then both bets lose.

The only time that a player should raise the bet when playing Red Dog is when the spread is 7 or greater as the player then has the advantage over the house.

Red Dog rules odds are paid on the players bet depending upon the spread as follows:

  • Spread of 1 card pays 5-1
  • Spread of 2 cards pays 4-1
  • Spread of 3 cards pays 2-1
  • Spread of 4+ cards pays 1-1

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