Poker Bet Strategy

Poker Bet Strategy – Tips

One big tip for playing Poker Bet strategy correctly and one which you can use to your advantage is that when playing a hand, if your initial bets look like losing to a much superior hand, then at the flop, bet on the leading hand with enough money to cover all your bets if the superior hand becomes the eventual winner.

The Poker Bet rules make it almost as much a skill game as traditional poker against other players, use the odds and betting options throughout your hand to increase your chances of winning or at least coming out evens after the hand is complete.

Summary of the Types of Poker Bets :

Seat Bet – Bet on which seat will be the eventual winner.

River Card Suit – Guess which suit the River card will come out. Choose between the 4 different suits in the pack, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs or Spades.

Colour of the Turn Card – Guess which colour the turn card will come out, Red or Black.

Winning Hand Bet – This type of bet allows you to place a bet on what value, from all the hands, that the winning hand will be. This can be from a Royal Flush all the way down to a High Card.

Hole Card Betting – The typical poker bet, bet on which hole cards will go to make up the final winning hand. This bet can be placed after the first two cards have been dealt or after the flop.

The Poker Bet Rules are very similar to ‘real’ poker although a casino game. One of the best features is that you don’t have to wait for other players or find a table that fits your betting amounts. This relatively new game will be a hit with real poker players looking for a quick fix.

We’ve an overview of Poker Bet for you if you’re new to the game.

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