Let It Ride Poker Rules

Let it Ride is a card game and is a variation of poker.

How to Play Let It Ride

Players start by placing three bets of equal value down. The dealer then deals three cards to the player and two cards face down. Players then decide whether to remove one of the original bets or to “Let It Ride.”

When the player has decided whether to leave the bet or not, then the dealer will turn one of the two remaining cards, players now have the option to remove one more bet or to “Let It Ride,” again.

The Let It Ride Dealer then turns over the last hidden card. The two cards that were hidden along with the three originally dealt, go together to make the player’s hand. If the hand consists of a pair of tens or higher then the player wins, if not the dealer collects however many of the original three bets are left. Let It Ride Rules are easy to pick up and you can be playing Let It Ride in no time at all.

Generally the casino odds offered in a game of Let It Ride will be as follows :

1-1 Pair of Tens or Better
2-1 Two Pair
3-1 Three of a Kind
5-1 Straight
8-1 Flush
11-1 Full House
50-1 Four of a Kind
200-1 Straight Flush
1000-1 Royal Flush

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