Roulette – La Partage Rule

Roulette’s la partage rule is available in some online casinos, but unfortunately, not it is the exception rather than the rule. If you are a roulette player and can find a game offering la partage, then go for it as the house edge is cut dramatically.

What is La Partage?

La Partage is available on single zero roulette tables and really boosts your chances of beating the house. It cuts the house edge from 2.7% to a more much more attractive 1.35%.

Roulettes La Partage

Where the rule applies is when the ball lands on the tables single zero, a player only looses half of bet placed as an outside bet.

In essence this means that when the ball lands you have the same chances and odds on winning the bet but the amount of money that can be lost when zero is hit is halved.

Remember the la partage rule only applies to outside bets.

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