Keno Rules

Keno is very similar to Bingo. The objective of is for the player to guess random numbers, normally from 1 to 80 or 90, that will be selected by the Keno machine.

The player chooses from 1 to 15 numbers and an amount to bet. A small bet typically costs between 10c and 25c. Larger keno bets can be up to $10.

The keno machine will then select at random, usually 20 keno numbers and the keno player is paid out depending on how many of the players numbers matches the numbers drawn by the keno machine.

When the machine starts to run and draw numbers, the players numbers that are matched by the machine are highlighted and a counter of matched numbers increments to show the total matched.

Keno payouts are on a rising scale depending on the amount of keno numbers initially chosen and the amount of the keno players numbers matched by the keno machine.

Choosing 15 numbers on most keno machines will normally payout zero for 1 to 4 matched numbers, your money back for matching 5 and, from there on, the prize money increases rapidly with around 50,000 times your bet for matching all 15.

Match 15 keno numbers with a $1 bet and if they all came up the winner would get $50,000. Check the payout odds in the keno games site you wish to play at as they all differ slightly. All of the keno game sites listed on these pages are reputable and trusted.

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