Casino Solitaire

Casino Solitaire is a relatively new addition to the online casino game pack and is one of those games you just don’t want to stop playing! For those, and there can’t be many who are unfamiliar with the casino solitaire rules, commonly known as patience in the UK, here is a quick overview. There are two versions, one turn or three turn solitaire. Casino Solitaire rules are exactly the same as playing these games at home with the exception that in casino solitaire you place a bet on how many cards you will manage to get into the home positions at the top.

Casino Solitaire Rules

The game is played with a 52 card pack. At the beginning there are 4 empty ‘home’ spaces to which you should try to get the cards into. In Casino Solitaire, you get paid for each card home, depending on the size of the bet.

casino solitaire
There are 7 columns with all the cards face down bar the last card which is face up. The cards are dealt from left to right with 1 card in the first stack, 2 cards in the second and so on to 7 cards in the last stack.

The remaining solitaire cards are placed face down in a stack in the top left corner of the screen. When a card is requested to be turned over it is placed face up beside this stack. The face up card can then be placed within the 7 columns in numerical sequence but differing colours. For example a 6 of hearts can be placed on either a 7 or club or spades, a 5 of clubs or spades could then be placed on top of the 6.

Only a King may be placed directly into an empty column although if there is other cards under it then it is acceptable to place the entire row. Example : King, Queen, Jack, 10 may all be moved into an empty column.

Once an Ace is turned up, double clicking on it will send it to the home position. After the Ace is in place a 2 of the same suit can be placed on top of it, then a 3 and so on. The idea is to get all of the cards to the top in the home positions.

When playing one turn Casino Solitaire, you may only only go through the stack in the top left once. Once all the card have been turned and you can’t get any more cards home then the game is over. Similarly with three turn apart from the fact you can go through the excess cards 3 times.

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