Blackjack Strategy – Hard Totals

A blackjack hard total hand is one where the two cards dealt to the player are of a fixed value.

i.e. the hand does not hold an Ace, as in a blackjack soft total hand. For example, a seven and an eight have a fixed value of 15 and cannot be changed, the player cannot do anything with the hand except stick with what they have, hit another card or double down.

If the hand is a hard total hand but both cards make a pair, then see our blackjack strategy card for splitting pairs.

A hard totaled hand is one where basic blackjack strategy can be put to best use and is probably the most important to learn to achieve the best results when playing blackjack.

The best way to play basic strategy for hard totals is to print off our blackjack strategy card explaining how best to play your hand, see the link below for a PDF version which is printable and can be used as a reference guide when playing online. Alternatively, bookmark this page and keep the PDF version open when playing blackjack to gain the best advantage and reduce the house edge.

Blackjack Strategy Card – Hard Totals – PDF

You can play blackjack in any online casino featured in our casino pages.

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